Fuel analyser

Fuel quality analysis device “Porla Analyser” for analysing the compatibility of oils is now available from Auramarine

Porla analyser for the refinery industry


The Porla analyser was approved as ASTM D7112 test method already in 2005 and has since then been in use at leading refinery companies.

The analyser is used for blending optimization in crudes, feed stocks, heavy oils and bitumen, as well as the maximization of oil refining process profitability

作为一个重要t part of the Auramarine portfolio the product is further developed together with clients, resulting in enhanced reliability, easier user experience and full customer support.


  • Optimisation of thermal cracking/visbreaking process
  • Optimisation of hydrocracking process
  • Monitoring blending of heavy fuel oils and marine fuels
  • Monitoring mixing of crude oil and feedstock blends for refineries
  • Monitoring mixing of crude oil export blends
  • Cargo based monitoring of opportunity crudes
  • Facilitating tar sand production processes
  • Monitoring blending of bitumen
  • Supporting tendering, dosing and control of process chemicals (antifoulants)

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