Auramarine Quality and Environmental Policy

Our proud professional culture stems from over 45 years of expertise, delivering robust, reliable products and unsurpassed lifecycle support. Our products and services are built on a unique combination of heritage, expertise, reliability and flexibility. With over 15,000 auxiliary units delivered worldwide, Auramarine has the longest track record in the industry.

Auramarine’s quality policy supports the company strategy and demonstrates our commitment to create value for you through our solutions.

Our quality targets

Auramarine’s mission is to continue to provide our customers with proven, value-adding products and services through world-class fuel system expertise. We are a reliable partner, delivering high-quality solutions to the marine and power plant industries.

Our commitment and objectives

我们意识到一致的客户满意度and a stringent approach to the environment are vital to our business climate. Every Auramarine employee bears the responsibility of carrying out work to the highest possible standards and implementing company-wide management strategies.

Auramarine code of conduct

开云体育在线登录入口官网下载Auramarine operational environment consists of our clients and their customers, of our employees both in Finland and in China, the representative network in approx. 25 countries, the global supplier network, as well as financing parties, authorities and officials.

Reliability is one of our four company values and it forms the core of all our actions. Auramarine Ltd is committed to conducting business with high integrity and in compliance with Finnish and EU legislation and with respect to applicable national laws and regulations.

This goes for all function areas such as Health and Safety, Labour and Human Rights, Environment, Supplier and Subcontractor management and Anti-Corruption.

Our main target is to prevent any non-compliance. As part of our risk management system, we perform regularly internal and external audits in order to detect, solve or prevent any concerns or deviations.

Our employees are obligated to report any concerns or suspected or detected violations by using the available channels. In any unclear situation, the respective manager or Hollming legal services must be consulted.

We are all committed to the big IDEA


Identify risks, opportunities and non-conformities

Clearly communicating, promoting and identifying any quality assurance issues and measures as early as possible.


Drive continuous improvement

Assessing and improving our systems and processes, and training people to enhance our competencies and secure our position, knowledge and resources. Our commitment to improve is one of our core values, evident through the high performance of our products, our view on sustainability, our continuous growth in expertise, and commitment to mastering future challenges.


Establish efficiency

Defining and maintaining an effective quality management system compliant with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards (manufacturing site).


Achieve compliance

Complying and conforming to all regulatory requirements as mandated by laws, regulations, customers, and the industries we serve; ethically conducting our operations at all times.

Performance indicators

Our QEHS targets are embedded in our key performance indicators for the following domains: customer, internal process, financial, learning and growth. We regularly follow a set of key performance indicators and take action in the respective domains as required.


Auramarine has set requirements for its suppliers, which they must understand and comply with. We monitor the performance and quality of our suppliers and carry out regular follow-ups and audits. The audits are targeted according to the supplier’s strategic position in our supplier portfolio. The audit programme is part of our risk management strategy and is continuously developed to respond to business environment requirements.