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Newsletter June 2023

  • Company updates
  • AURAMARINE ASIA new factory in Jinshan, Shanghai now opened!
  • Arto Savolainen appointed as General Manager of Auramarine Asia Ltd.
  • Auramarine announces purchase of Finnish Measurement Systems Ltd. Business Operations
  • Summer trainees are here again!
  • Upcoming events

Newsletter December 2022

  • Season's Greetings!
  • Company updates
  • Lifecycle Services Key Account Organisation
  • An autumn full of events
  • Appointment news

Newsletter June 2022

  • Company updates
  • Auramarine Methanol Supply Unit
  • 燃料供应单位Bioflex生物燃料项目测试ing purposes
  • Auramarine high capacity plant cooling systems
  • Appointments
  • Summer trainees are here again!
  • Posidonia and SMM 2022 events

Newsletter December 2021

  • Company updates: Milestones and Developments
  • Auramarine Strategy 2026
  • Setting a new standard for Turnkey Lifecycle Solutions in the Maritime Industry and Beyond
  • Auramarine Asia 20 years
  • Auramarine Asia, how it all started
  • We are on WeChat
  • Auramarine joins the Action for Shipping Decarbonisation
  • Introducing New colleagues
  • Events

Newsletter june 2021

  • Company updates
  • Appointment of General Manager for Auramarine Asia
  • New faces in Auramarine Sales Team
  • We are on WeChat
  • Meet our Summer Trainees 2021
  • Fuel pump and flow meter improved delivery times
  • Website updates; MDO/MGO, Biofuels, Pilot fuel supply and backup systems for LNG
  • Spare Parts and Modernisation Guides now available both for Marine and Power Industries

Newsletter October 2020

  • 10 minutes with John Bergman, CEO, Auramarine
  • New Spare Parts and Modernisation Guide
  • Ensuring continuity and compliance: A hands-on approach to spare parts management
  • New distributor in Germany
  • Personnel News
  • Reactivating a ship after lay-up?
  • Subscriptions and GDPR

Newsletter April 2020

  • Company updates
  • Milestone: 15,000 Auramarine Units delivered!
  • IMO 2020: Expert interview with Mr. Peter Grünwaldt of Hafnia  to discuss impact of IMO 2020 regulation
  • BioFlex Industry collaboration project to help assess bio- and waste-based oils suitable for power plants and ships
  • Upcoming events
  • Subscriptions and GDPR

Newsletter December 2019

  • Company updates
  • IMO 2020: Meet the experts - Interview with Markku Mylly, master mariner and former executive director of the European Maritime Safety Agency
  • MGO supply solutions support operational and environmental efficiency
  • Do you have the right spare parts on board?
  • Auramarine strengthens its Lifecycle Services and Sales organisations
  • Celebrating 30 years as part of Hollming Group
  • Upcoming events
  • Subscriptions and GDPR

Newsletter June 2019

  • Company updates
  • Get ready for 2020
  • New automised version of FuelSafe fuel changeover system
  • Milestone order, Unit #15.000
  • Upcoming events
  • Subscriptions and GDPR

Newsletter February 2019

  • Company updates
  • Get ready for 2020! How to prepare and improve existing fuel supply systems
  • Representative network: New representatives for new product sales, spares and lifecycle services
  • Low sulphur fuels: Fuel pumps and filtering before engine inlet - what changes?
  • Retrofit: Constrained spaces call for customised solutions
  • Technology: Integrated feeder frequency control optimises booster unit operation
  • Co-operation agreement: fleet support for V-group independent Marine Contracting Association, MARCAS International Ltd.
  • Board of directors: new member brings in bunkering insights
  • International management team brings business cultures together
  • Upcoming events

Newsletter May 2018

  • Company updates
  • Safe and controlled fuel changeovers at the push of a button - watch the animation
  • 生命周期服务——平滑过程改善compliance
  • Quality certificate renewals
  • Customer survey results and actions
  • Upcoming events
  • Subscriptions and GDPR